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what’s the best graphics for a low end pc? Also I love what your doing, I love wt but agree it’s not fun anymore with all the op premuims

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I have been playing warthunder for 4years and I feel bored with that game.But you guys have done a great job.This game really impressed me just like warthunder did 4years ago❤️❤️❤️❤️And I am waiting for more, like 3 or 4players in one vehicle or online battles 


still no linux build


We're working on it!

Cool! xD


btw, I successful launched it on Archlinux with Steam's Proton 5.0! xD

Could start the first mission, which drive a Abrams.

Enviroment: Archlinux + Steam Proton 5.0

Launch script: (Assume the Proton & GHPS installed at Steam's default game directory)

    $ export STEAM_COMPAT_DATA_PATH=~/.proton/

    $ cd ~/.stream/steam/steamapps/common/GHPC

    $ export STEAM_COMPAT_DATA_PATH=~/.proton/

Then, the GHPC could be start.

Main issue: missed all characters from main menu to game content. It's may because I start the game in Linux with Proton. Maybe it could be fix after build a Linux version.

Anyway, it's so cool :D

Oddly, having downloaded it for OS X (Catalina)--and placed it into Applications---when I click on it to open it, the popup window announces "“GHPC_OSX” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified."

This makes me sad since I become a $10/month patron today in anticipation of a great experience.

Dang don't give up so quickly. 

All you need to do is go into settings>security and privacy then allow the app to be run. 

You may need to try and launch the game before hand for the option to show up. 

Ok! Will go try that now.  Tank-trojan malware! Psyched! lol

Still not working.

Accessed and altered security settings.

Catalina is not allowing...

You wouldn't know it but shortly after this I did indeed get it to run---oh boy.  This is seductive.  Two questions:

1) Per your FAQ, Alt 1 and Alt 2 to reload from ready? and

2) What is the "end" button on a Mac keyboard? For the after-action report?

Still not working. Catalina must not be playing along.

There are 500% audits of data sources, 200% demands for data quantity, and restored 5% of the data. This is war thunder. I hope you can do better than war thunder!


Please don't change the tank data at will, that's why I hate war thunder!


I want know how many people can't stand anto"s warthunder stupid blance and find this game?


Whoever heads this project can have my kidneys, plain and simple.  I've had the game running for maybe 5 minutes and this T-55, this T-55 is my new wife. I have such a love for the work your doing, will be making my first patreon account to support this. Tanks are my passion and I own some tanker identification cards and other neat little things I would happily be willing to let the Devs see in order to further this. Frankly, I'd like to help in anyway possible, I am just programming illiterate.

Thanks for the kind words!  If you want to help out, check out the GHPC Discord (linked in the footer of or email  

this is  real  tank  game



Looks Like War Thunder but better! Also like the concept of no pay to win, played many but none seem to be able to live up to this. 




So... You guys claim realistic and fun? Those 2 are mutually exclusive.

Are we going to repair and replace the broken component or you are done for with a broken track?

How are you guys handling HE and explosion in general?

I saw a video claiming realistic damage simulation based on material? Based on what material? There are different grade of steel, with different propriety that goes far beyond a thickness multiplier. We haven't even covered the non steel secret sauce material.

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it's possible! steel armors had a good balance, but if it comes down to it, go full sim like dcs lol. warthunder is shit because of how watered down and arcade it is. fun is not code for arcade!


This game would suck ass if it went full sim. Like the developer even said, if this game were a complete simulator like Steel Beasts then a lot of players would be pushed away from it leaving the die hard sim players. DCS pretty much attracts most of its players because those players are looking for a simulator. This game is going to be contain a control setup similar to a more arcadey game but the mechanics are going to be realistic. I don't know about you but figuring out all the buttons you need to push in DCS to even take off is not fun.

Regarding your comment about War Thunder, you are so far off. War Thunder is not a bad game because how watered down and arcadey it is. It's because the developers balance the game terribly. Sure, the fact that tank battles are often 12v12 on a relatively small map can make the game feel a bit cramped but in terms of the mechanics, War Thunder is semi-realistic. As someone that has thousands of hours in the game I can assure you the game isn't bad because it's too much of an arcade game.

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dcs doesn't have a good tank component, and steel beast looks like it was made in 1997. this is being touted as a realistic tank sim. have you ever played steel armor?  it makes war thunder look like a joke. realistic components and deep mechanics is what makes a good game. war thunder glosses over everything that makes tanks cool. what's the point of tanks if you don't model the correct track physics, suspension, terrain interactions,etc. they might as well replace all the vehicles with toys as they behave like toys. go play steel armor if you want to look what's possible with realistic mechanics, ballistics, modeling, optics, opening hatches, etc


You're talking subjectively when you should be giving objective reasons as to why WT sucks ass. Saying it's due to "watered down" or "arcadey" mechanics is very subjective and almost completely untrue outside of Arcade.
As much as I hate to admit it, the way War Thunder has modeled their tanks is really good. The reason WT is as popular as it is is because it's incredibly niche and no other tank game has come close to achieving the near-perfect balance between being realistic and enjoyable to drive/fly (I haven't played GHPC but it looks far more promising), yet the way they intentionally balance gameplay to force you into microtransactions, rather than developing an enjoyable game, not to mention their shit map design, is what's shooting Gaijin in the foot and leaving players dissatisfied.
Like Nuke said, if WT or GHPC went full sim like IL2: Tank Battles, DCS, or Steel Beasts, then a good three quarters of the fanbase would've been deterred by the complications from operating the vehicle alone.
Even if GHPC were to sell itself as a Tank Sim then they could completely get away with it, seeing as how much they've put into modeling shit like Fire Control Systems when War Thunder hasn't even attempted that after having at least one Abrams variant for two years now.


make the tank higher poly please. the t-72 is only 2k? i'm sure harry has the original high resolution model he used to bake the normal maps, just reduce that down to maybe 20k, but with the same level of detail and it would look so lifelike, like the war thunder models.

The models seen in this public demo are not the ones Harry is working on.  Those are only in the Patreon build.  Everything you see in this build here is being replaced or improved.  


you guys know steel armor blaze of war? closest thing to a proper modern tank sim, although not as modern as i like. it lacked the t-72! but it has many useful things you might find interest. their night vision mode is actually astonishing portrayal of active ir

Try Steel Beasts. It's truly the closest you can get to a complete tank simulator. The game is even made for military training, which is why it costs around 150 dollars.


I love the Sneaky Semple...

Did you manage to find it?


LOVE it so far. EXACTLY what I wanted from WarThunder's addition of MBTs, but without smashing my keyboard to bits after getting one shotted from a klick away and looking at the repair bill.

Question: Are there full controls listed anywhere? I ran out of ammo in the bustle and need to replenish from stowage but none of the side controls say how.


Hey, sorry about the confusion - I hadn't got around to updating the HUD for some of the stuff when I switched over to working on the new build. You can move rounds from reserve racks with Alt+1 and Alt+2, and you can cheat full ammo back with U.  


Awesome, thanks!

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This game's better than war thunder my god all my 9 years I finally found a game that I want it thank you


they should just port all of war thunder's models over and make a proper sim for them. those models deserve a new home.



Finally a game where i can play the tanks that i want without the continious grinding for 8 months straight to play the tank.

The gameplay feels very realistic and when my dad tried it out he got flashbacks from Afghanistan! 

Also, how to turn off the motion blur?

Thanks for the feedback!  Motion blur can't be disabled in the current build but the next public update will have graphics options.

how do i install it


click the download button

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Wow, that's all I dreamed for years to end that War Thunder nightmare!

Do you plan to have a Linux version too? I can't wait to try it, and even buy it if it is really what it promises to be!

We'll be looking into adding a Linux version in the future.

Can't you use wine to run the game right now?


Are you an ex-employee of Gaijin Entertainment? Because hell this this game is similarly good to war thunder, this is why I havent been playing war thunder because of this, i like it.

Finally I can experience War Thunder top tier but without the grind.
Thank you very much Devs.

and with the missing realism and without the idiotic grind to unlock something 

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This looks really promising, just became a patreon. Just create a good game around this, preferable a dynamic campaign, pve/coop/pvp.  Add some sharper textures and higher poly vehicles. Apply shaders, some rain and atmosheric effects. Bump up the sounds so the tanks feel alive. Perhaps russian/english crew for non NATO vehicles. The impact effects but also the  muzzle effect is not very realistic. This game is exactly what is needed. Agree 100% on the description. A bonus would be some infantry and helicopters.

edit: Would be nice to get rid of the haze on all maps. Seems common in Unity games.

We're working on everything, to the point that it doesn't even look like the same game anymore.  Check out the GHPC Discord or to see some teasers.  


Exciting news! Hope to see an updated build soon with implemented weapons 😊


really amazing!! 

For Something that is in Pre-Alpha, this is really nice.

Really the best tank game ever see.

also i have tank tire error... the tire don't move when tank move, in the trailer it does move. but really cant wait until  this is done.

I can see this game being something amazing. I've been looking for a replacement for War Thunder's high tier ground forces for ages. Really looking forward to seeing the game in it's finished version.

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This is great


Great demo, really looks promising.  



amazing game 


The Discord link in the Menu does not work anymore


Sorry about that!  We had an issue on Discord with old invite links being deleted, and we can no longer update the old build to edit the link.  Try invite code mwY4E4d


Its great, try it

Awesome game!  Very exited for the future of this project, but that annoying motion blur though.


Motion blur can certainly be tuned down!  The graphics are very WIP right now, as you might expect.  Check out a preview of what's to come:


Bob Semple is definitely OP. Great game. Keep up the good work.


Nice, I love it! Be sure that ill be sticking around

great game cause im dirt broke with only $3


Great sim game, I want to see it progress through time! o7



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Great game!



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