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(NOTE: This demo is the free version of a supporters-only demo that's usually developed beyond what's available here!  Check out our website for more information, or Patreon to get access to the latest version.)  

It's a weird time for fans of modern tank combat games.  The straight-shooting simulator titles from the turn of the millennium are no more, replaced by free-to-play games with modern vehicles locked behind aggressive pricing or absurd playtime.  As tank nerds, we need a game that gets right to the good stuff - modern tanks, realistic system and damage models, and a focus on fun over all.  

With Gunner, HEAT, PC! we aim to make that dream a reality.  

No more staring at locked MBTs in your progression tree and wondering if you'll ever get to play them.  No more spending industry prices to buy industry simulators just for a taste of something worthy.  We're making a great tank game because that's what we want to play.  

To see how development is going, view release notes, or report bugs, stop by our Discord server, https://discord.gg/eH5vf65.  

INSTALLATION: We recommend installing via the itch.io launcher app.  This way, you will automatically receive all future updates to this demo as small patches, rather than needing to download the whole game again each time.  If you do not wish to do this, you can still manually download the ZIP archive from this page and extract it.

Note for Mac users: The game needs to read some files from its own app structure in order to work correctly. Do not place it in a restricted directory, such as your downloads folder.  For best results, use the applications directory.  

Updated 15 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorGHPC Dev
Tags3D, armor, atgm, combat, crew, gunnery, heat, realistic, sabot, Tanks


GHPC manual dl (consider using itch app instead) 1 GB
Version 31 15 days ago

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Problem downloading demo....tried both ways  (from your page and from the itch app)

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when i download it says forbidden tf imma try again ;-;

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Wonderful job! That's the best mdoern-Tank simulator i've played now. Comeon man, can't wait to see the latest version.

Absolutely Beautiful... is that a Unreal engine build?

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If we support the game on Patreon and have access to the Patreon version, will we receive the game when it is released or will  we have to buy the game again, for example, on Steam? I apologise if this is a rude question.

We don't know for sure what kind of bonuses we'll be able to offer to patrons when the game comes out. For now, just treat the Patreon subscription as a way to support the development of the game (since we are entirely funded by the community).

 i hope you can add Leclerc AZUR or xlr or s3.i love Leclerc.And what’s your price maybe¿

is it Planned to make a Full game out of it including multiplayer or Big operations?


Yes, there will be a full game with multiplayer and campaigns.


Will the final version be available on Steam?

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Can join Self-Propelled Guns in PVE?
Same as Armored Warfare


whats the purchase price gonna be for the game?


We don't know yet.


Is the game gonna be paid after its realeased


Yes, the game will be paid but will not have pay to win mechanics, grind, or premium vehicles.  You will get access to the full set of content with the single purchase.


when was Abrams added?


Abrams was added on April 1, 2021.


Please enable M60A3 and M1 TCs to override the gunner


Currently TC override is half implemented.  If the AI TC spots a target, you can press the space bar to perform a commander override.  But if the gunner is knocked out, the TC cannot use the gun (yet).

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Oh, so that's how the Aim Override key works. That's awesome! I will try it immediately.

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GHPC Developer,
Is the game MMOG?

Is there any other way besides Patreon to support you?

because I don't have a credit card

But I have supported many games (WOT, WOWS, WT, AW)

itch app has a problem: every cut in internet (syria) it start downloading from first, and it do NOT download the .zip file, it is downloading the extracted file of it?!!

thanks, very realistic game.

cant focuse on this too much but just like in wt something to notify when a enemy is knoked out,also when doing mission maps or at least a arrow to show which way to go would really helpig

 I'm a big fan of tanks, but I've never been able to find a game that would satisfy me,steel beasts is too expensive and its USB key cant come to my country ,so although i have enough money,I still cant play this game .War Thunder is a bit boring, World of Tanks is too fake, tanks in strategy games can't drive, I hope this game will be better ,Hail to those who swim upstream



this is AWESOME!. it is very realistic and coming along well.

a question. will you look to get wheeled APC such as LAV III, or LAV 25?

having the M242 chain gun will create great gameplay for having to flank armoured vehicles to penetrate with APFSDST ammunition

keep up the great work

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GHPC Developer,

Hi!  I saw that you released a new version of the public demo and downloaded it (manual download, instead of itch app), then extracted it to my laptop to test it out.  However, it doesn't run, whereas a previous version (can't remember the exact version number) did run.  When I run the new version's .exe, the GHPC configuration window appears.  Then, I click 'Play!' and the 'Made with Unity' screen fills my monitor space, then I get 'GHPC.exe has stopped working.'

I reinstalled Windows on my laptop recently and I've encountered situations where other programs I use need things like Visual Studio C++ installed in order to run.  Does GHPC have any prerequisites?

So far, I've updated my PC's drivers (video, sound, chipset, etc) and downloaded a slew of Windows updates.  I'm running Windows 8.1 (version 6.3, build 9600, 64-bit OS).  Laptop has Intel Core i7-4810MQ @ 2.80 GHz processor, 16 GB RAM, GeForce GTX 860M video card and integrated Intel video card.



Hello, if you are still having this issue we should be able to help you in the Discord server.  Check the front page of gunnerheatpc.com for the link.

It's super awesome and realistic. I love it. Keep up the great work to perfect it the best you guys can. Can't wait for more vehicles, assets, maybe even infantry to shoot at or get fired upon with LAW weapons like M72 LAW or RPG-7. even more April fool-like stuff too. like futuristic or non-human vehicles, like Arclite or Crucio siege tanks or M808 Scorpions going against old but deadly T-72s or M1IPs, even M60A3s or T-55s. Maybe even T-62 or 64 too in the future update. Maybe even add British stuff too. Like Chieftain or Challenger 1. Wow, a lot of possibilities in my mind, lol.

In short, I am really enjoying what you are doing with GHPC, and do find it is a great balance between the full on simulations out there and the 'pay to have fun or grind' tank games out there. 

Question though. On the demo, how do you permanently show the control mappings? I have seen it is permanently in the left of the screen of some YouTube clips, but I have to toggle on/off in the demo. Regards

The toggle list on the left side was replaced with the current overlay list a few patches ago.

Downloading after watching youtube video on this clan is 10 year WOT so looking for a good alternative :)

Tried to download the Patreon version... no dice. Before I got on Patreon, I tried to download the latest update... not happening. A launch tab? Not even. I'm starting to wonder why I'm throwing money at this.

If you can be more specific about where it failed, I'm sure we can figure out the issue. The downloads are working fine for most users.


well had my first mission it was great keep it up lads , also find the controls simple , not hard like some people make it out

Leopard 2A6 someday ? 

Are there going to be any big updates soon?

We typically do a big update every month and sometimes a small update in between.  The last update was in the middle of May.  The next one will likely be small, with larger ones after that.


Ok thank you. I just wanted to know if this game is still getting actively worked on because I plan on getting the patreon version some time today. 

the concept is brilliant, my issue is the fact that broke ppl like me cant run it. even with everything turned down, and resolution to literal "potato" i try to enter a mission and game crashes. also no tutorial but i guess ur still working on that


Optimization will improve over time. Remember, this is under active early development. Most games you would never play during this phase.

Tutorials don't exist as missions yet, but the main menu of the game has buttons for how to play and how to perform gunnery in each tank.

Yeah, ofc I understand its insanely early I'm just pointing it out that that's an area to work on. also you need to add a notification on when u destroyed a tank. something like in war thunder where it shows the box at top right

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Ah yes a very good game with very high potential.pls add the potato settings so that lower end pc can run it tnx.



looks great, but could there maybe be a system to be able to see wether or not an enemy or friendly vehicle has been eliminated


At first i would like to congratulate the dev team for coming this far and the mazing piece of work they've made. its the tank sim of our dreams. coming from WT, i'ld say this is very appealing. thanks. and godspeed

How do you get the game?

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all you have to do:  download "itch" (https://itch.io), then search for the game on this platform (type the name in the top left) then download it and play, that's all


Cool game ! Nice job !

game stutters and then crashes when i enter the proving grounds, any ideas what this is?

Deleted 38 days ago
Deleted 38 days ago

This is a great game with a lot of potential, but I only get 10-15 fps on my system. Is there any way I could fix this?


Try the in-game graphics menu (enter a mission or the proving grounds, press Esc, go to Options).  Lowering vegetation and shadows, and disabling motion blur, are good first steps.  If you try everything in that menu and it doesn't improve things much, you'll have to wait until we have time to do more optimization on the demo.  

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Great start!  The tank handling just feel more real.

I've seen one bug in about 90 minutes of play.  I had the T72 just leap into the air and tip over sideways on flat terrain.

Curious about how long term playability is going to be.  It seems to be one of those games where the person with the best vision (eyes or monitor) always wins - so you have to turn the vegetation, shadows and resolution down so you can see the enemy easier.  It's the same problem with War Thunder - it can either look good or you can play it.

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Overall pretty good, gives a nice feeling of how tanks should act on the battlefield. But there were some cases of the game crashing, I suppose it's because of the early stages that the  game is at the moment . Still pretty good.

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I'd love to try it, but there is some sort of graphics problem on my system (horizontal burry lines moving up and down, all the way across the screen), probably Unity related but... what to do...


If this is just in the main menu, that's a VHS effect.  It won't appear in the actual gameplay.

yay im play it, nice work i like it, imagine u add maus in there hehe

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