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(NOTE: This demo is a mildly restricted version of the full development build.  Subscribe at APC tier or above on our Patreon page to get access to the unlocked version.)  

To learn about what GHPC is, why we're making it, and how to join the community, check out https://gunnerheatpc.com.

RECOMMENDED SPECS: As the game is still in active development, there is no way to give precise system specs yet.  However, we recommend that you use at least a mid level gaming PC.  Notebooks and systems with integrated graphics are unlikely to work properly.  Your GPU must also be capable of running DirectX 11.

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorGHPC Dev
Tags3D, armor, atgm, combat, crew, gunnery, heat, realistic, sabot, Tanks

Install instructions

NOTE: We highly recommend installing GHPC via the itch.io app, for smaller patches and automatic updating. Simply browse to this page in the app's internal browser and click the install button.

If you choose to download the demo manually from this page instead, you will receive a ZIP archive file. Extract the archive using Windows (right click) or any program of your choice, then run the EXE file in the unpacked folder.


GHPC manual dl (consider using itch app instead) 2 GB
Version 51 31 days ago

Development log


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Excited for full release! 


yeah just came to check progress hope full release goes well

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I love this, and I'm so hyped for release!


As a former 19K (3/66 ARBN), I can say things are looking great, reticle looks great right amount of fuzziness in thermal. Looking forward to watching this project progress. 


Will there be a Bob Semple?


I'm pretty sure they said that they're only going to be adding in tanks that were NOT prototypes and were in active service.
Bob Semple's were not standardised, and were never produced


I survived the attack of several tanks and armored vehicles, avoided direct hits, but the outcome of the war was changed by this small, poor, stunted tree in front of me and stopped my advance on the front line. :)
I am asking the developers to cut down these small trees or arm us with chainsaws! :))


As mentioned on the roadmap, destructible trees are coming!  https://gunnerheatpc.com/news/articles/ghpc-early-access-roadmap

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I know, tnx for the info. It was a little joke    because I was quickly beaten and sent to the eternal hunting grounds :) 


LOVE the game so far shows much promise keep at it...but the m60.....fix the rangefinding..please..can't hit the broadside of a barn at range, t55 without is even easier to shoot and kill with. Don't know the historical accuracy on this but as a technician and mechanic if you implement a laser rangefinder and accuracy system that is linked to it on a tank, it should at least work instead of aiming straight and shooting way off to the right or left taking into account leading a target. But so far LOVE IT! #shootingwhilemovingisindeeddifficult. 


I recommend that you read the gunnery guide for the M60A3 and learn the way lead works.  The tank will not shoot way off to the right or left if it's used as designed.  https://gunnerheatpc.com/news/articles/ghpc-gunnery-guides


It seems i have been impatient, and not thorough enough in my study about the lead system on the m60 and the 1.5 second time it takes to compensate for the targeting..my bad and thanks!


i subscribed to the patreon ( MBT ) and tried to download the patreon build but it wont work? is there a way to do it through itch? every time i download it, it downloads manually to my computer

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You can play the manually downloaded game if you unpack the ZIP archive and run the EXE file.  

If you prefer to install it in itch, there is a way.  If you paste the Patreon access link into the itch app, it should be able to install the Patreon demo like any other game on itch.  You will need to use the link that's sent in your welcome email or the one posted in all "release notes" posts on Patreon.  You'll also need to log into your accounts in the itch app's browser to allow it to authenticate you.


perfect game only all the buttons :( . its to complicated for me man. :' (


very good :)


Is there any stretch goal to add a mission editor or possibly multiplayer in the forms of PVP or Co-op?

Also, any plan to the ability to turn on and on engines for a true sneaky breaky ambush of BRDM's rolling down the country side.


Multiplayer PvE is planned.  Check out the roadmap: https://gunnerheatpc.com/news/articles/ghpc-early-access-roadmap


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS NEW FEATURE!!! I can finally satisfy my constant, deeply distressing, all-consuming, insomnia-inducing realistic AFV combat simulation/game play session cravings that formed after the first time I played M1 Tank Platoon II singleplayer missions on my Packard Bell CD-ROM equipped Pentium PC as a kid in 1995 that developed into my unhealthy biochemical/neuropsychiatric physical dependence and psychological addiction syndrome I suffer from/enjoy to this day that only War Thunder and Steel Beasts Professional could partially satisfy, but the former was more pain-inducing and only worsened the cravings, making them more intense from being only partially satisfied coupled with rage-inducing updates focusing mostly on adding endless tidal waves of new pay-to-win microtransactions and nationalistic combat tech bias buff/debuff infusions and a perpetually overpromised but underdelivered promise of just one more major update that might finally add realistic/believable but genuinely fun and stable PvE modes to that game, curse you might Soviet Gaijin Snail! Curses!!!

GHPC is my precious, my precious… only MINE!


I agree a mission editor would be cool.


Hope this game wont be 19994959549$ on Steam :pray:


Put a comma after the first number 9, and we will all be happy! 🙂

Will this game come on MacOS? Hopefully it would



Hello dear GHPC game developers, I have a few questions for you.

1.Will the Russian language be added?

2.When will Steam Early Access end?

3.Will the game be paid on Steam?

4. Why are some devices not available?

5.Why is the company not available?

6. Why is there no forest?


Здравствуйте дорогие разработчики игры GHPC у меня есть несколько вопросов для вас.

1.Будет ли добавлен Русский язык?

2.Когда закончится ранний доступ в Steam?

3.Будет ли игра платной в Steam?

4.Почему некоторая техника не доступна?

5.Почему не доступна компания?

6.Почему  нету  леса?

final version of game will cost money to buy as far i know if development team didnt changed their mind

I installed today through ITCH version * 0613. Smooth gameplay and FPS,  without micro stuttering .      Great graphic / visual upgrade, vegetation and enviroment, and ofc game mechanics! It's great that you put a waypoint on the screen in the game. For now, it is missing (waypoints/markers) on the map. Don’t take my word for it and I may not have tested enough, but it seems to me that for three tasks the first waypoint was shown on the screen until I completed it task (take position). After I executed it, the new one waypoint did not appear on the screen. I couldn’t use anything on the map because there is no information on it about the tasks in progress. Just a map with my position. After launching the mission, in the heat of battle I forgot what the next tasks were to do, so I drove around the map looking for the enemy. One small suggestion: Tanks weigh 50-100 tons but are stopped by a small bush or thin tree. I hope all I said is just because this is still a demo version. Anyway, as a demo version, this is a "revolution" in tank games! I hope all of this    helps you progress and improve the game. Thnx!

it depends on the speed


I usually get a solid 10.00 fps sometimes it goes to 10.01 fps, but its rare, and sometimes, if I hit a button its jumps to 18.00 fps but only for a second, then back down to 10.00 fps. fps doesnt change if I up the graphics either, no change from min to max. Still is kind of ok to play, but 10 fps is just annoying.


Thats your computer problem, not the game.


clearly a skill issue right there


Lmao you're playing with a potato, TF do you expect?


it a nice game but it lag so much i ave 10fps with 8gb of ram


8gb of ram isn't much in this game, you probably need a better CPU and GPU as well.

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would be great if the were a line were after an epic fight the crew celebrate the victory


I got a doodoo laptop. Sometimes fps drops to solid "10.00". Not sure if its some kind of vsync problem in the gpu side or in the game side (game thinks vsync is on and max fps is 10). Im dropping this here for a notice. UI could be improved (i literally cant see the red info texts when you hit something. Too small). Great game


Pretty sure vsync matches with your monitor refresh rate. Unless you are using a 10hz monitor, it's probably not vsync

Also Game kinda laggy but fun

M1 tank added, so i guess  what will be added to the empty ramp? i think it is soviet made such as: BMP-2 or T-80

damn im reaaaaaaaally hoping that its not going to be $60 on steam at least $30 would be nice

I think an extra costy option to play in multiplayer would be ok. 

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The last update forced me to download itch.app .. i think i am addicted to this game!

What articles/papers did you use to model the external and internal ballistics?  This level of ballistic and damage realism is absolutely unheard of in games like this, the code for the game itself doesnt need to be disclosed but ill take even a single paper to code a penetration calculator myself

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We used several real-world tests and studies as reference and adapted or created formulas to fit the data.  Perhaps someday we'll do a writeup on it.

Deleted 46 days ago

Would it be possible to have the changelog on this site right under the download button? im currently on 20220508 and new version is 20220508.1 .. seems like a small update, and i dont wanna bother downloading it for a small patch.. i would need to download it and see the changelog.. perhaps there is a bugfix i needed but wouldnt know is there? just a suggestion


Good idea.  In the meantime you can check gunnerheatpc.com for the latest changelog.

Will you support raytracing & HDR? Seeing the shot lighting up the darkened terrain, explosions casting shadows, I'm getting goose bumps just thinking about it. 


Is there a way i can become a game tester? i would really like to see this game grow and i want to help out the developers by providing information on the game

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There is not a dedicated tester role.  If you would like to provide feedback, there is a #testing-feedback channel in our Discord server.  It includes a link to a public bug report page as well.


isnt everyone a tester?? i actually got m1 driver buddies from the army they are loving this sim so far

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This version is smoother than the previous one,  i wonder what is the vehicle you will add to the empty concrete ramp behind the Bradley`s one!

I think it is ... M1A1/2 ... or ... BRDM-2 AA/AT versions ... or ... BMP-2 ... or ... Shilka ... or ... Jeep?!

anyway thanks for your efforts, amazing work.

Thanks for this latest update and bug fix! We see great progress.

I have a few questions and tips:

@ If an enemy vehicle or weapon is behind an object, will it be possible to destroy or damage that object (e.g. with a HE mine) to expose it and then attack it?

@ Will the map be better used and useful in planning? I mean the following:

Did you plan to be able to put our own markers (at least a simple “x”) on the map and maybe mark the position on the map to coordinate and issue orders to our unit if we have the role of commander? Maybe even with a view through binoculars to a certain area we can accurately mark it on the map.

@Maybe we could calculate the distance on the map between different positions, markers or landmarks (with a ruler?) for better planning of tactical movement.

@ I know it's not possible now, but... If our tank or armored vehicle is just slightly damaged, could it be repaired somehow? Too bad if only one tank caterpillar was hit that for us the war is over. Let's say another vehicle comes near him and waits for a while (like ammo transfer and restocking). I know it's gambling and it's dangerous to expose our other vehicle to enemy fire but it could increase the tension of the war, but at least   -   "We don't leave our mates behind" ;-)


Do i need to still pledge to update the game? I've ran out of money on my bank and i want to update the game, but it says i cant because im not pleding.

In order to access the Patreon demo download page, you need an active pledge.


If I support the game on patreon does that mean, once the game is released, I will have full access or would I need to buy the game?


We have not yet determined what rewards patrons will receive when the game is released.

Hm Why did my antivirus said this is a virus(or threat)? I wanted to play this game


Many players have seen false positives from antivirus software when attempting to run the game.  This will happen until we submit proper software signature stuff.  In the meantime, we promise there's no virus and you can manually allow it.

if you ask windows, anything is a virus. they also rate files based on their global download rate. so pretty bruh.

Not windows Avast Detected it


All antivirus softwares will work with a philosophy like "better safe than sorry". So its on you to ignore whenever you think its a false alarm.


I am a new Patreon, how can I activate M1 & M2 utilisation in the Demo?

You will need to use the separate Patreon demo.  The link to access it is in your GHPC Patreon welcome email, as well as every release notes post on Patreon.


This is a great game thus far. I hope you guys don't turn it into a World of Tanks or War thunder theme. I've played a lot of tank sim games and you guys are spot on for a great platform, like DCS. Keep up the great work and you will have my support in the future. Hooah!! Drive On!!

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I think in some places on the map there is a small problem with the texture. As you can see on pics. there is no one in front of me (only terrain, mud...)  but if I turn on the IR, the targets are visible as if they are not below the horizon level. Sometimes, even without the use of IR, an enemy vehicle can be noticed in motion. Barely, but you can still see the movement! Then it's easy to just wait for him to "come out" from behind "something" and fire a shot. This could serve as a hack-wall cheat for someone, especially "dangerous" if there is a PvP mode online.  Sorry, I can't send more pictures at once.

This is "Fulda Gap-Legacy / T55A Wave"


It's a little frustrating when you win a battle but lose the war, and the tank turns upside down just because... So, it always happens when the tank just touches enemy weapons. You see what it's about, right? ;-)


This was my war that never happened. Stationed in W. Germany with the 3rd Mech Inf at Schweinfurt in the mid-late 80's.  So many assumptions I had about that what-if war are open for reinterpretation since Ukraine. We all assumed we would be "speed bumps" for the Pact armies on their way to the Rhine. I did have one Col. who stated "You're all going to be surprised. The IGB (Inter-German Border) is going to be the world's largest Russian tank junk yard in about 48 hours." We didn't believe him, thought it was just tough talk to perk us up. After Ukraine though, maybe he was right??


Well, the fact that "your war" never happened is probably the reason you're still alive and (at least parts of) Germany is not a nuclear wasteland.. I mean what your Col really meant to say is "You're all going to be dead along all those Soviet (not Russian) tanks anyways" - You know the US deployed Nuclear Land Mines among others to stop the Soviet tanks when invading through the Fulda gap? Fulda --> Schweinfurt = less than 100km.. You'd have been right in the middle of that mess.


You see, there is a difference between the Soviets and the Russians. The Russian's economy and military is messed up since the dissolution and is trying to recover. While the Soviets maintained a wholesome military and economy. (until just before the dissolution)


really loved it, keep up the good work team, however my potato pc cant keep up with it, yet enjoyed it. :)

this is molten gold baby cant wait got my $60 ready


Hello :-D
I just stumbled upon this game and damn its just what I wanted since years. I hope it turns out well.  Please also focus on lower end pc-s in final product if possible :-D it would be really awesome to play without some gaming setup.
A question though. I know it is far from being optimized, but maybe you could add a map with minimal vegetation (desert or snow), or even just without grass. Even this version would run much smoother without all the forests in the maps included.

Keep it up, it really looks promising now!


There hasn’t been a good tank simulator in a long time, and this project is a real refreshment. For now, while it is in the demo version (and in the finishing phase) we see in which direction the game is developing and I think it will become the new leader in the tank simulator. I hope that the developers will keep the important concept they set when creating and that we will not see buses, race cars, flying bikes and tanks or similar stupid user creations on the maps. It will have to be banned. The only thing that has to fly in this game are the turrets of the tanks and cannon grenades!  :)

Although it is good when we have large spaces on maps in such games, we hope to get a quick-mission editor to create our own online or single play missions as this will keep this title on the scene for a long time with diverse and never boring, predictable or repetitive gameplay options...

When it will be possible to play online, the creators will have to make very good protection against cheaters and you know,  sometjing like exploits, wallhack and modifications , because otherwise this game / simulator will become just another quickly forgotten title. Thanks developers for the effort!

*Semper Fi*

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